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We can do your logo or mascot and turn it into these amazing glitters, simply contact us with your questions and we will be glad to help.

The glitters are attached to a clear vinyl adhesive which is made for the skin, but can be applied to just about any surface.

Products Section - Glitters
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Our glitters are comprimised from various layers of glitter which help give them depth, which adds to the impact of the sparkling logos.

They are re-usable and are contained in one piece, which makes it too easy to stick and restick to a variety of surfaces.

Auburn University
Phoenix Suns Pro Basketball

University of New Mexico

Arkansas State University
Chicago Bulls Pro Basketball
University of Georgia
Oakland Warriors Pro Basketball

University of S. California
Dallas Mavericks Pro Basketball
Washington State University

University of Nebraska

Western Georgia

Penn State UCLA
University of Missouri

University of Oregon
University of Colorado
Two & Three Color Designs